Cody Cummings $15 discount pass on offer

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I like a guy that can mess around but yet always be serious and right to the point when the time is needed. Although Cody Cummings likes to think he is a straight guy there’s no doubt that he does like the cock. It’s like he just digs teasing those hunky and very willing men to line up to have hot gay sex with him.

You can tell that Cody is a man that likes being in front of the camera. The way he works it so your eyes are always on him is just pure genius. You’ll admire his toned body and boy won’t you dick that rock hard cock that he is packing down below.

His site has a good amount and also a good variety of scenes on offer. One really awesome thing is when you join using our Cody Cummings 67% off discount you also get access to a full network of smoking hot gay sex. You might say that this is the complete package and you wouldn’t be wrong!