Hunky meat likes those little asses

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With just the one impression to make you might as well try to make the best one possible. That’s my plan and I know just how I am going to do it. It’s going to start with my cock going all the way with the biggest amount of twink gay porn that I can get my hands on and it’s going to end with me busting out a load of jizz like never before.

I amost feel sorry for that twink ass because he has no idea just how wicked things are about to get. Right now he feels that thick cock giving him all the loving but any second now things are going to turn for the better. When he feels the right amount of motivation the chains are going to come off and he’s going to bust it like never before. These are going to be testing times for you but I’ve got so much confidence in you, make sure you don’t let me down and make sure you take the cock!